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In an aggressive new legal strategy, Hunter Biden calls for a criminal investigation

Hunter Biden has taken a new legal approach against the sudden emergence of a Ukranian investigation stemming from his business dealings. In an aggressive move, the president’s son has publicly called for criminal probes into both himself and those associated with the investigation while asserting his innocence in the process. This article will discuss Hunter Biden’s decision to call for a criminal probe and the implications that could arise from this move. Furthermore, it will explore why he chose such a bold strategy and what risks lie ahead for him as a result.

What is the nature of the criminal probe?

“In an escalation of his legal strategy, Hunter Biden is now calling for a criminal probe into the actions of the Trump administration and its allies,” writes Bloomberg News.

The nature of the criminal probe would be to investigate potential crimes committed by the Trump administration and its allies in relation to the Ukraine scandal. This could include obstruction of justice, witness tampering, or any other federal crimes that may have been committed.

Biden’s lawyer said that they have “not ruled out” the possibility of filing a criminal complaint with the Department of Justice. This would be a major step up from the current civil litigation that Biden has filed against conservative media outlets.

It is unclear if this new strategy will be successful, but it shows that Biden is willing to take a more aggressive approach in order to get answers and hold those accountable who he believes broke the law.

What is Hunter Biden’s legal strategy?

In an aggressive new legal strategy, Hunter Biden is calling for a criminal probe into his business dealings in China.

The move comes as the FBI is already investigating Hunter’s work for a Chinese energy company and his possible role in influence peddling in the country.

Hunter’s lawyer, George Mesires, said in a statement that they are “fully cooperating” with the feds and have been “transparent and cooperative from the beginning.”

“However, after months of waiting we have grown concerned that the investigation is not progressing,” Mesires said. “We are therefore taking this unprecedented step of asking for a criminal investigation.”

He added that Hunter “has done nothing wrong” and that they believe “the government will ultimately see it that way.”

How will this affect Joe Biden’s campaign?

Hunter Biden’s new legal strategy could have major implications for his father’s campaign. If he is successful in getting a criminal probe launched, it could damage Joe Biden’s prospects in the 2020 election. This is because voters would see that even Hunter Biden is not above the law. Additionally, it would give more ammunition to Donald Trump and other Republicans who have been attacking the Bidens over corruption allegations.


Hunter Biden’s legal team has made a bold move by calling for criminal probes into his business dealings. This aggressive new strategy could have major implications for the future of the investigation, and it is sure to be closely watched by those on both sides of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. It remains to be seen how this will affect the outcome of the investigation and ultimately Hunter Biden’s reputation, but one thing is certain: there are no shortage of questions that need answering in this case.

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