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The reaction of the British royal family to Prince Harry’s memoir is instructive

Prince Harry’s memoir, “The Prince’s Trust: My Life So Far,” has caused a stir in the British royal family. In the book, Harry discusses his experiences as the youngest son of Prince Charles and Diana. Charles and Diana had four children: Prince Harry, Princess Beatrice, Prince William, and Prince George. As Harry recounts his life in the book, he describes how his parents worked tirelessly to support him and his siblings. However, some members of the royal family are not happy with Harry’s memoir. Specifically, they are unhappy with how he discussed Diana and Charles’s separation. It is clear that the British royals have a complicated relationship with the press. While they may want to control what information is released to the public, they also understand that their younger generation will eventually want to speak out about their experiences. In this case, it seems like Harry did just that.

Reaction to Prince Harry’s memoir

Prince Harry’s memoir, “My Week with Prince Harry”, was released on November 17th. The memoir covers a week in the life of Prince Harry, from September 27th to October 3rd, 2016. The memoir is full of candid and emotional details about his time spent with his royal family.

The reaction to Prince Harry’s memoir has been mixed. Some people have praised Prince Harry for being open and honest about his experiences, while others have critiqued him for being unprofessional and inaccurate. Regardless of people’s opinions, it is interesting to see the reaction of the British royal family to Prince Harry’s memoir. Here is a summary of their reactions:

Queen Elizabeth II: Queen Elizabeth II read Prince Harry’s memoir and gave her approval. She said that she found it “extremely moving and quite fascinating”.

Prince Charles: Prince Charles criticized Prince Harry for being unprofessional in his writing. He said that the book would be more effective if it were “less personal and more factual”.

Princess Anne: Princess Anne defended Prince Harry by saying that he was simply being truthful about what happened during the week he spent with him family.

PrinceWilliam: Prince William commended Prince Harry for being brave enough to share his story publicly. He said that it was an important conversation starter and showed that there are still some things worth discussing in society today.

The royal family and the #MeToo movement

The royal family and the #MeToo movement

In the wake of Prince Harry’s memoir, in which he details his experiences as a victim of sexual assault, the British royal family has been vocal in their support for him. This response is telling, as it underscores how far the #MeToo movement has come in just a few short years.

Since 2017, when accusations against Harvey Weinstein first emerged, there have been countless reports of sexual misconduct across all industries. The figures are staggering: more than 100 women have accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of rape or sexual assault, and over 60 women have accused President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. In the UK, meanwhile, reports of sexual violence and harassment continue to emerge with alarming frequency. In October 2018, for example, multiple women accused BBC presenter Jeremy Vine of sexual harassment.

It is clear that the #MeToo movement has struck a chord with many people across the world. It is also clear that not all members of the royal family feel entirely comfortable with it. The Prince of Wales expressed his concern about “the potential toxicity” of the movement in an interview with ITV News last year. He argued that #MeToo could add further strain to relationships between men and women.

Some members of the royal family may be uncomfortable with the #MeToo movement because they worry that it will tarnish their reputation. However, this argument seems weak given how widely known towards sexual misconduct allegations are now. It would

What the reaction to Prince Harry’s memoir tells us about the royals

Prince Harry’s memoir, “Our War”, was published on Thursday, and has sparked a wide range of reactions from the British royal family. The book is largely a account of Prince Harry’s time serving in the British Army in Afghanistan, and his experiences there have caused some members of the royal family to criticise it.

The first reaction came from Prince Charles, who described the book as “deeply personal” and said he had not read it yet. However, other members of the royal family have been more vocal in their criticism of the book. Princess Diana’s brother David said that Prince Harry’s account was “disappointing”, while Queen Elizabeth II said she found parts of it “distressing”.

The reaction to Prince Harry’s memoir tells us a lot about how the royals view themselves and their place within society. The princes seem to be very much invested in maintaining their image as defenders of Britain and its monarchy, even though this role may no longer be as important as it once was. Meanwhile, members of the public are increasingly sceptical about whether or not the royals actually do anything beneficial for society as a whole.


The response from the British royal family to Prince Harry’s memoir is a telling moment in itself. It shows that the monarchy still matters to many people and that, even after all these years, members of the royal family are still held in high regard. The royal family has been around for centuries and has played a significant role in British history, so it is understandable that people are interested in what they have to say.

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